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Technical Reports

Working Documents

  1. GrADS Compiler/Library/Scheduler Interaction Scenario. UCSD (Dail, Sievert, Berman), UTK (Petitet, Dongarra), Rice (Mazina, Mellor-Crummey). June 2000.
  2. Contract Renegotiation. UCSD (Sievert). January 2001
  3. GrADSoft -- A Program-level approach to using the Grid. Rice (Mazina, Mellor-Crummey), UCSD (Sievert, Dail, Obertelli). March 2001
  4. Specifying and Monitoring GrADS Contracts. UIUC (Aydt, Mendes, Reed, Vraalsen). April 2001.
  5. Numerical Libraries and the GrADSoft, Sathish Vadhiyar and Jack Dongarra. August 2, 2001.
  6. GrADSoft and its Application Manager: An Execution Mechanism for Grid Applications. Rice (Kennedy, Mazina, Mellor-Crummey), UIUC (Aydt, Mendes), UCSD (Dail, Sievert). October 2001.


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